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Preventing click fraud on Google Ads

Dontclick effectively safeguards and maximizes your Google Ads ROI so you can focus on the quality and success of your business



We track each and every click on your ads, collecting valuable data and information to gain insight into how your ads are interacted with.



Our industry leading algorithms separate real potential customers from fraudsters and bots.



Once a fraudulent click is detected the ad will be hidden from the fraudster. No more clicks...

The benefits of Dontclick

Dontclick unique approach and highly customizable technology creates a multitude of benefits for Google-Ads clients.


Stop click fraud

Eliminate fraud and all wasteful clicks from your Google-Ads.


Get better leads

Target leads that are more likely to convert with real-time optimization.


Boost conversions

Get your ads in front of the right people who are likely to convert.


Improve profitability

Maximize campaign ROI with intent optimization rules.

Over 100,000,000 Clicks Protected Every Month

Say Goodbye To Click Fraud Forever


Advanced Traffic Analytics

See detailed insights in to PPC traffic quality, fraudulent placements & advanced fraud analytics with our easy to use dashboard.


Real Time Monitoring

PPC Protect's autonomous real time response takes the burden off you and automatically responds to fast-moving click fraud attacks. It's AI that fights back.


Self Learning Protection

PPC Protect detects sophisticated click fraud threats, learns the DNA structure of your ad accounts, and constantly adapts to changing environments and trends.


Human Intuition, Machine Speed

Block bad traffic from your campaigns in real time whilst never blocking real paying customers thanks to our cutting edge detection networks.


Full Automated

With just a two minute setup time you'll be ready to automatically detect and block invalid traffic & click fraud across your PPC campaigns.


Transparent Reporting

Get log level data for clients or internal teams with help from our data analysts, or produce impactful PDF reports for those less technically minded.

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